The Dor Group was founded in the early 1960s and is Israel’s largest company for marketing methanol and MTBA, with subsidiaries operating in the fields of ecology, industry, and trade of chemicals and logistics services.

The experience, knowledge, and professionalism gained over decades of work, which include considerable investment in research and development, has positioned Dor as a leading international fuel substitute in transportation and is considered a world-wide knowledge provider.

Dor relies on multidisciplinary expertise and, throughout its years of operation, has continued to strive for excellence while constantly expanding new ventures, aiming to set a new bar of innovation and quality.

Through the subsidiaries, Dor currently produces and markets a wide range of products, including energy products such as methanol and hydrogen, urea solution for transport and industry, resins and adhesives, unique solvents for the pharmaceutical industry, fertilizers for agriculture and more. Besides, it deals with the recovery and recycling of solvents to reduce the amount of waste and pollution in Israel.

The Dor Group engages employees in a variety of positions ranging from research and development through technology and manufacturing to marketing. It operates through 3 sites located in Haifa, Atlit, and Neot Hovav.

Traditional Israeli Industry
Dor has emphasized the concentration of the production system in Israel. It makes it a significant influence on conservation, production, and blue-white consumption in Israel.

Environmental policy
In the vision, the Group reflects the issue of adhering to the principles of sustainability, which underpins its values. It invests many resources in developing advanced technologies for environmental protection.

Commitment and concern for employee safety are part of the company’s values, from field staff to senior management. Dor has a comprehensive set of safety instructions to prevent injury to human life and a safe work environment and maintains constant control throughout its operations.

Contributing to the Community
Social responsibility is one of Dor’s outstanding values, and We invest in voluntary activities throughout the year.

Organizing activities to benefit organizations that support disadvantaged populations (children, the disabled, the elderly, and more), making financial donations, and raising funds for important causes.

Dor’s main initiative is research, development, and implementation of methanol as a clean fuel substitute.

We collaborate with academic institutions and large organizations around the world in search of green energy and ecological solutions technologies.

The Group adheres to all the strictest standards of the Ministry of the Environment. It has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and 18001: 2007 OHSAS quality standards.

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