About the council

The local industrial council Neot Hovav was established in 1989 by the name Ramat Hovav, in 2013 the council name was changed.

The council established in 1989 in order to supervise and track the industrial activates in neot hovav and to take care and develop infrastructures and provide services for the benefit of the factories in the area

The council is located 12 km south to Be’er Sheva in a radius of about 40 km form Yeroham, Dimona, Arad and the IDF’s Ariel Sharon Camp also known as ‘City of Training Bases’.

The Council operates in three main areas: environmental protection, emergency preparedness and infrastructure development. In the area of ​​environmental protection, the Council works to promote environmental protection and the treatment of past hazards, while maintaining professionalism, transparency and public responsibility. In the area of ​​emergency and security, the Council promotes multi-year plans for emergency industrial park assessments, including equipping and holding joint work interfaces and exercises with security and rescue forces in the area. The council is also responsible for the maintenance and development of infrastructure and public areas. The council operates a local planning and construction committee, which is responsible for granting permits to factories and entrepreneurs. At the same time, the council has the authority to issue a business license.

The Council is headed by a representative of the Ministry of the Interior, and along with the Council are another 8 members – 3 representatives of the industrial establishments (Adama Makhteshim, ICL-IP and Teva Tech) 3 public representatives from the neighboring authorities (Be’er Sheva, Ramat Negev Regional Council and Eshkol Regional Council) and 2 other representatives from government ministries (Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Health).

Neot Hovav industrial Eco-Park

The Neot Hovav Industrial Eco-Park is a central economic anchor in the Negev and a unique model for sustainable industry and green growth in Israel and worldwide. The area of ​​the park is about 80,000 acres and provides a living for about 11,000 families in the Negev. The total volume of exports of all factories in the park is estimated at about $ 4 billion a year. As an industrial Eco park, Neot Hovav Park is committed to green growth principles and developing relationships and synergy between all partners and constituents in and outside the park. Through an array of connections and collaborations between the factories operating in the park and the council, the commitment to the rational use of resources and the reduction of emissions into the environment can be realized – in the air, in the soil and in the subsurface.

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Photography: Haim Ohayon

The composition of the Council, as determined by the Local Councils Ordinance

Head of Council: Erez Badash

3 representatives of the industrial establishments 3 public representatives from the neighboring authorities 3 government ministries representatives
Adama Makhteshim representative: Mr. Hadran Olami Be’er Sheva representative: Dr. Arnona Eyal

Ministry of Interior Adv. Gadi Alfasi Head of Concuil

ICL-IP representative: Mr Elad Mozikant Ramat Negev Regional Council representative: Mr. Moti Abergil

Ministry of Economy Mrs Meirav Batat

Teva Tech representative: Mr Shimon Elmalyah Eshkol Regional Council representative: Mr. Meir Yifrah Ministry of Health Dr. Ezabela Karkis

Former Head of Council:

  • Mr. Moshe Habba | 1989 – 1991
  • Mr. David Milgrom | 1992 – 1999
  • Mr. Raphael Cohen | 2000 – 2002
  • Mr. Zvi Cohen | 2002 – 2003
  • Mr. Avi Heller | 2003 – 2004
  • Mr. Giora Meyohas | 2004 – 2010
  • Mr. Andrey Uzan | 2010 – 2017
  • Adv. Gadi Alfasi | 2017 – 2022
  • Mr. Erez Badash | 2022 -2023
  • Adv. Gadi Alfasi | 2023