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From the Head of Council’s Desk

Dear entrepreneur, the Neot Hovav eco-industrial park has in recent years been in exceptional development momentum.
The IDF bases relocation program, the upgrading of infrastructure and the entire council region bring with them a significant annunciations to entrepreneurs and industrialists who want to join the success and development of the Negev.

We provide assistance and support in front of government ministries and other authorities, to speed up and streamline the processing of requests. The council has a local (independent) planning and construction committee, which helps, among other things, to formulate a professional and responsible response for issues that may arise during the process.

Wishing you success,

Erez Badash,

Head of the Council.

Neot Hovav industrial Eco-Park

The Neot Hovav Industrial Eco-Park is a central economic anchor in the Negev and a unique model for sustainable industry and green growth in Israel and worldwide.
The Eco-Park is located 12km south to Be’er Sheva and about 100km south-east to the Ashdod Port.The area of ​​the park is about 80,000 acres and provides a living for about 11,000 families in the Negev. The total volume of exports of all factories in the park is estimated at about $ 4 billion a year.

The Eco-Park is managed in a unique model through an industrial council, established in 1989. The council is responsible, among other things, for providing the necessary services for the operation of factories: infrastructure development, security, supervision and enforcement on environmental issues and much more.

Establishing a new project in the park

The council offers entrepreneurs and investors under the same roof – a local planning and building committee and business licensing authority.

The Eco-Park Advantages

  • ·         Development Area A

    ·         Attractive municipal rate

    ·         Subsidized development levies

    ·         Green energy assimilation: solar and natural gas electricity

    ·         Connecting all plants to natural gas

    ·         Gas-based power plant

    ·         Piping bridges for gas transport

    ·         Transport and Transportation Infrastructure – “Israel Railroad” Terminal, Highway 40 – Fast and Illuminated Tracks, “Transportation Enterprises Ltd.” Terminal, Proximity to Route 6.

    ·         Solution for dry waste disposal and hazardous waste management witin the park area

    ·         Local Planning and Building Committee

    ·         12 km south of the Beersheba metropolis

    ·         Public transportation to Be’er Sheva and the surrounding settlements

    ·         All around security for 24/7

    ·         Regional Emergency and Rescue Center

Procedure for Allocating Land in ‘Tender Exemption’

  1. ·         Presenting conditions and specifications for the entering of a factory / venture into the park area.

    ·         Recommendation of the professional rank in the council.

    ·         Approval of the Local Planning and Building Committee.

    ·         Contact the Director of Development Areas at the Ministry of Economy.

    ·         Approval of the professional division of the Ministry of Economy and approval of a joint committee to the Ministry of Economy and the ILA.

    ·         Receipt of voucher for payment of development fees to land and lease agreement to land (from the Ministry of Economy and ILA).

    ·         Submission of plans for building permits to the local council committee.

    ·         Accompany the environmental unit in the process of obtaining the permit and the business license.

    ·         Obtain a building permit from the Local Planning and Building Committee.

    ·         Establishment of the venture.

    ·         Obtaining a business license from the council.

    ·         Operating the venture.

    ·         Accompaniment and guidance on environmental, infrastructure, security, safety and more…

* For more information visit the Ministry of Economy website

Forms and Additional information

Specifications and conditions needed to start a business at Neot Hovav industrial Eco-Park > download

Request for land allocation recommendation > download


The Council has extensive infrastructure of roads, lands and a strict system for the control of industrial wastewater treated by the plants before being transferred to the evaporation ponds.

With the compilation of construction works, the plant evaporation ponds are expected to be opened and operate. In the park, there is also a network of piping bridges, which allows the flow of gas and steam between the plants. The industrial waste treatment site, operated in Neot Hovav by the environmental services company, is a high quality solution for the treatment of hazardous waste, which reaches to the area from all over the country. The industrial plants benefit from a special freight terminal of the “Israeli Railroad” operating inside the industrial park. Neot Hovav Industrial Eco-Park is located about 10-minute drive from Be’er Sheva, which provides enterprises with comprehensive services in a variety of areas: financial, administrative, academic and research institutes and immediate proximity to recruitment centers.

The Council

The Naot Hovav Industrial Council operates as an independent municipal authority, which is committed to promoting and assisting the development of the industry, and to provide a range of services to enterprises at attractive cost. In addition, the Council supervises productive activities to prevent environmental damage.

Construction and business license

The council constitutes a local planning and construction committee, which controls an independent local planning area. Therefore, licensing procedures are short and complete in full cooperation between the developer and the authority, taking into account the special needs of the industry. The business licensing system within the Council includes environmental experts, and allows direct access to government offices and government agencies, to shorten and streamline licensing procedures.

Landscaping and environmental development

The council has a master plan for landscaping the public areas and it accompanies every new enterprise in the field. The council also develops and establishes public landscaping areas, environmental sculptures, roads, uniform signage and more.