Phones Council Departments

Council management
דוא”ל טלפון תפקיד שם ומשפחה
[email protected] 08-6543117 Head of Council  
[email protected] 08-6543117 Head of Council’s office Director  
[email protected] 08-6543118 Council CEO   
[email protected] 08-6543129 Human Resources and Wages Coordinator Revital Abergel
[email protected] 08-6543149 Digital services Coordinator Ilanit Ben-Hamo

Procurement and Engagement
דוא”ל טלפון תפקיד שם ומשפחה
[email protected] 08-6543156 Procurement and Engagement Manager Shani Marelly
[email protected] 08-6543154 Procurement and Engagement Coordinator Tal Nahum
[email protected] 08-6543142 Storekeeper / logistics Eli Biton

דוא”ל טלפון תפקיד שם ומשפחה
[email protected] 08-6543161 Council’s Treasurer Liraz Shwartz-Tal
[email protected] 08-6543161 Treasurer’s Office secretary Yehodit Partush
[email protected] 08-6543123 Chief Accountant Olga Levin
[email protected] 08-6543119 Accountant and Payment Coordinator Jenya Kolker
[email protected] 08-6543161 Collection Meirav Mor Yosef

דוא”ל טלפון תפקיד שם ומשפחה
[email protected] 08-6543116 Council’s chief Engineer  
[email protected] 08-6543110 Engineering Administrative Assistant Dana Amiram
[email protected] 08-6543109 Construction Inspector Michael Golberg
[email protected] 08-6543109 Construction Inspector Reut Natanya
[email protected] 08-6543112 Project Coordinator Alon Gavy

Environmental unit
דוא”ל טלפון תפקיד שם ומשפחה
[email protected] 08-6543107 Environmental unit manager  
[email protected] 08-6543101 Environmental unit Administrative Assistant Maayan Biton
[email protected] 08-6543104 Head of Business Licensing and Enforcement Neomi Tal Moshe
[email protected] 08-6543133 Laboratories manager Rachel Yarkini-Mazuz
[email protected] 08-6543177 Wastewater Lab Coordinator Shiran Asher
[email protected] 08-6543151 Wastewater Lab Coordinator Eva Michaeli
[email protected] 08-6543135 Air Lab Coordinator Tatiana Koklnov
[email protected] 08-6543106 Wastewater Coordinator Ran Petel
[email protected] 08-6543134 Enforcement Coordinator Yasmin Gidonin
[email protected] 08-6543147 Hazardous materials Coordinator Tamar Ronen-Lifshitz
[email protected] 08-6543120 Monitoring stations Coordinator Tomer Vaknin
[email protected] 08-6543105 Chimney monitoring coordinator Igor Seminski
[email protected] 08-6543210 Chimney Prototyping Rami Martziano

Operations Unit
דוא”ל טלפון תפקיד שם ומשפחה
[email protected] 08-6543102 Operations Unit Manager  
[email protected] 08-6543110 Operations Unit Administrative Assistant Maayan Biton
[email protected] 08-6543133 Farm Coordinator Avner Havivian
[email protected] 08-6543141 Maintenance Coordinator Tzvika Moshe
[email protected] 08-6543128 Logistics Coordinator Katerin levi
[email protected] 08-6543138 Infrastructure and Safety Coordinator Yoram Koyte
[email protected] 08-6543170 Network Administrator

Dimitry Hutkbitz

Emergency and security
דוא”ל טלפון תפקיד שם ומשפחה
[email protected] 08-6543185 Emergency and Security Services Manager  
[email protected]


Security Coordinator Michael Adjej
[email protected] 08-6543185 Council inspector
Nir Tshuva

דוא”ל טלפון תפקיד שם ומשפחה
[email protected] 08-6543164 Internal Auditor and Public Complainant (Cpa. (Adv, Tabach Shlomo

Council Rabbi
דוא”ל טלפון תפקיד שם ומשפחה
[email protected] 08-6543148 Council Rabbi Gad Revah

Legal Counsel
דוא”ל טלפון תפקיד שם ומשפחה
[email protected] 054-2085552 Legal Counsel Adv. Eldad Ofek