Erez Badash

Head of council

Adv Herzl Yechezkel

Council CEO

Liraz Shwartz-Tal

Council Treasurer

Nir Hason

Director of the Environmental Unit

Alexander Rodinski

B.Sc Operational & Logistics Department Manager

Yogev Azulay

Substitute council engineer

Shlomo Tabac

Internal Auditor

Zion Ihie

Director of the Emergency and security

Shani Marelly

Procurement and Engagement Manager

Revital Abergel

Human Resources and Wages Coordinator

Adv. Eldad Ofek

Legal Counsel

Ilanit Ben-Hamo

Digital Services Coordinator and Freedom of Information Act supervisor

Eitan Uzan

Assistant Head of council

Noa Shlush

Personal Assistant to CEO