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Teva Tech is a leading company of the chemistry division which is part of “Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.”.

Teva is a global pharmaceutical company committed for the development and marketing of high-quality drugs affordable all over the world. The company, whose head-office is in Israel, is leading the generics market world-wide, with presence in over 60 countries producing about 1,300 different molecules sold in more than 120 markets.

Teva's chemical division - TAPI-Teva's Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients - is a global division, headquartered in Israel, which develops manufacturing and marketing the active pharmaceutical ingredients. TAPI offers over 290 generic products to the global pharmaceutical industry. The division has research and development centers, production sites and sales and marketing offices worldwide.

TAPI is proud of more than 70 years of experience and leading in manufacturing of active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry, with over 20 manufacturing factories worldwide, which currently employs over 5,000 employees. The division provides Teva factories worldwide the active ingredients of which the final products are manufactured.

TAPI unit in Israel has a global R&D center and three manufacturing sites, Teva Tech in Ramat Hovav, Plantex and Abic in Netanya. R&D is responsible for products development and transferring them into production scale. In the three production sites the chemical processes are performed by the world's most advanced computerized systems. The factories are inspected regularly by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other relevant authorities.

Teva Tech plant at Ramat Hovav was established in 1995; as one of the division’s nine factories (at that time) and was designed for treating the wastewater of the factories of the chemistry division and for solvents recovery. In 1997, with the decision of closing Asia factory, Teva Tech was converted into an API manufacturing factory, and all of the production lines were transferred to it. In 2001 a facility was established in Teva Tech for the production of Copaxone, Teva's leading ethical drug for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Teva Tech currently produces more than 100 products, which are raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry and solvents are recovered for reuse in the division.


Teva Tech puts much emphasis on environmental protection issues, while investing considerable resources and efforts, out of commitment to the environment. Since its establishment, Teva Tech won every year five star of beauty of the Council for a Beautiful Israel, and recently won the Gold Star trophy for excellence. The factory is also recruited in various activities for the community with the objective to maintain its connection with the environment in which it operates. In the coming years an accelerated development and construction of new facilities in Teva Tech is expected, and a maximum absorption of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes will be carried out. The factory is expected to double its size and number of employees and thus be an active part in realizing the vision of the Negev development.

Established in 1995
No. of employees in Teva Tech site about 870

Contact Information:

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
Teva - Tech TAPI Israel
P.O.B 2049, Emek Sarah, Beer Sheva 84874

Telephone: 08-6509555
Fax: 08-6509500

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