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Visitor Center

The Neot Hovav visitors' center allows a glimpse into the interaction between industry, environment and community. The excursion includes a visit to the council's visitors' center and a visit to one of the factories. The visit is suitable for groups, free of charge, but requires prior reservations.


Neot Hovav is a unique model for sustainable industry. This is a model for regional development combining industry with commitment to the environment. The council maintains the principle of transparency and publishes full information in environmental and sustainability issues in the region of Neot Hovav.

Did you know ?

The industrial park was founded in 1975, about 12 km south to Beer Sheva. The local industrial council Neot Hovav was established in 1989, in order to provide municipal services to the factories and to develop the infrastructure and public areas.

Neot Hovav Eco Industrial Park

The Industrial Park Neot Hovav is the main economic basis for of the Negev and is a unique model for sustainable industry in Israel. The park employs in a direct manner about 4,000 employees in 23 factories, it provides a living for extra 6,000 families in the Negev, and exports the value of 3 billion dollars per year. This comes in addition to the vast investments of the council, the factories and ministries in environmental issues.

The Park goes through a large development phase, including the development of infrastructure, public area, hiring more employees and the construction of a new entrance area, which will have a national visitor center displaying chemistry presentations, workshops and light industry and a public park in the entrance to the park.

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